Super Gay Movie of the Week: Entangled with You [Web Series]

Ok so the last review I wrote was of  A Perfect Ending, starring my gorgeous friend (if only in my head) Jessica Clark. I wasn’t totally in love with the film but it did spark an interesting conversation with director Caryn H about her webseries Entangled with You (@entangledseries).

Now I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about watching it because… well I have tried to watch a lot of web series and it never works out. I mean I am not stoosh (or bougie for my non-caribbeans) but some of the lesbian webseries’ story lines make me want to clutch my pearls. The things that these women go through are not something I am used to. I don’t have anyone hitting me upside my head, or making me an accessory to murder or… stealing my dog. Sorry, I really am not about that life. So usually within the first 5 minutes, I have given up.

Seeing that I stayed up WAAAAY passed my bedtime to watch all the available episodes, Entangled with You is definitely a good look.

Plot Snapshot: After separating from their respective boy/girlfriend, two new roommates navigate through work, friendships and past (and not so past) relationships.

Okay so I dig this web series A LOT and I’ll tell you why. Number 1: I can recognize these folks. No I have not been stalking them, and I am pretty sure none of them are from Miami. When I say I recognize them, I mean their stories could actually happen to me. To be completely honest one of them did kinda happen to me… and no I’m not telling you which one. Number 2: My straight girlfriends can watch too. My circle of friends is 80/20 straight. I need something they can relate to… and that I’m not ashamed to let them see. IJS.

I already have a few people hooked, will there be one? *in my church deacon voice*

I left episode 1 down here for y’all to check out.

If you love it and want to help them create more they have an indiegogo campaign. I will be donating myself. I want some perks!

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