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20-something Magazine Covers Featuring Lesbians of Color

All this talk about magazine covers, starring folks that won’t be name, got us to thinking —  Aside from Ellen, where are the lesbian cover girls?

A few keystrokes later, I found an autostraddle posting called 100 Awesome Magazine Covers Starring Lesbians. As awesome as they indeed were, one thing jumped out at me…there were very few lesbians (or bisexuals) of color.

So with a little luck and a lot of google, I have found 20(ish) magazine covers featuring lesbians of color. Take a look. Which covers are we missing?

P.S. We know Queen Latifah is not a self-proclaimed lesbian but I love that cover.

Something Like A Superlesbian News – Sally Ride to get posthumous Medal of Freedom


Last night, NASA and Sally Ride Science held ” Sally Ride : A Lifetime of Accomplishment, A Champion of Science Literacy,” a national tribute to America’s first woman in space. The special event was held at the Concert Hall of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., at 7 p.m. EDT. It was a wonderful event celebrating Ride and her work with the space program as well as her work promoting math and science for students.

In other news, President Barack Obama will bestow the Medal of Freedom posthumously on Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space.

Obama says Ride was a role model to young women and showed that achievement has no limits. He says Ride advocated for innovation in science, engineering and math.

Ride rode on the space shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983. She died in July 2012 at 61 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Ride broke another barrier by disclosing that she was gay at the end of an obituary she co-wrote with her same-sex partner before her death. The White House says Ride’s partner was notified last week of the award along with her mother and sister.

The award will be presented later this year.

Source: Associated Press

Not Really Gossip: Dear Zoe, I think we can find room for you on #teamlesbian

zoe-saldanaI haven’t bought an Allure magazine in… FOREVER but I might have to pick up next month’s issue featuring Star Trek and Colombiana star Zoe Saldana.

In an “eye-raising” response to a question about her sexuality, Zoe responds.

[I might] end up with a woman, raising my children….That’s how androgynous I am.

Oh really Zoe?

Hmmm… A sister with fly glasses, a bit of an overbite, and a gift for gab might be exactly what you need… I’m just saying. *shrugs*

On the real, Zoe if you like it I love it… as long as you don’t see this as an escape from the drama that is male-female relationships. Because from one lezzie to a not-so lezzie, these heffas out here… aren’t much better. (Yes I said heffas)

AfterOprah.com? Not Happening.– Outing Black Lesbian Celebrities

oprah-and-gayle-hollywood-gossipFirst let me say I am sorry that I haven’t written much (if anything) in the last two weeks. My stepfather succumbed to pneumonia (after a lengthy decline) on February 16… Thank you for the thoughts and sentiments I received from those that knew about it.

Now back to the regularly scheduled K Word.

I’m sure you all think I am always writing about the black lesbian community more than the lesbian community as a whole… and this won’t change your mind. shrugs

Oprah. Whitney. Queen Latifah. Alicia Keys. Missy Elliot. Beyonce. What do these ladies have in common?

They are all powerful and successful women of color AND I have heard “secret lesbian” rumors about all of them in the last month… Okay maybe not Missy Elliot but that’s only because she hasn’t dropped a CD in a while.

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:60 Second Shorts – Why Sheryl Swoopes Doesn’t Need NYs Approval

Now I know that Superlesbians Don’t Exist but I will have to say Sheryl Swoopes was pretty damn close to a lot of us… okay maybe just me. As the first African American openly gay player in the WNBA, with a few gold medals to boot, Sheryl’s revelation immediately made her a role model to many young lesbians (whether she said that was her goal or not).

Granted when she originally came out as a lesbian, her statements weren’t exactly ones I would use as soundbites for “the cause”…

“I’m not bisexual,” she said. “I don’t think I was born [gay]. Again, it was a choice. As I got older, once I got divorced, it wasn’t like I was looking for another relationship, man or woman. I just got feelings for another woman. I didn’t understand it at the time, because I had never had those feelings before.” (which is eerily reminisce of the quote from the “Ebony’s Hot Lesbian Couple” chick)

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:60 Second Shorts – Why @antoniacarter was the “non-MFin factor” yesterday

Now I am not going to take up much time this morning rehashing what Antonia Carter of “Tiny and Toya” fame (and yes I use that term loosely) tweeted yesterday about it being sad to see gay people under the age of 18, for several reasons. Mostly because a) she deleted the damn post, which doesn’t mean she didn’t mean it, but only that her cowardice got the best of her and b) I don’t really entertain commentary on the state of the world from anyone whose sole claim to fame is capitalizing off of Lil Wayne’s hyperactive sperm.

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